About private events

At Dubai Stars®, all our courts can be divided and tailored for a variety of sports and fitness themed events. We provide unique and engaging opportunities for both community and social gatherings that are great for friendly competitions or to have fun with family and friends. Additionally, we also offer private courts for women.

Our Services:
  • Sports Equipment
  • Spectator seating
  • Digital scoreboard
  • Dedicated staff for the event
  • Branded T-Shirts/Jerseys
  • Branded trophies and medals
  • Certified referees and umpires
  • Snacks and Drinks for all attendees
  • Meal packs and/or scrumptious buffets 

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Organise Community events and sports days at Dubai Stars Sportsplex

For Bookings and information, contact us at:
800-STARS (78277)