Badminton League 2017

About the league

Badminton is a fast paced competitive racquet sport which is widely popular amongst friends and family alike. If you play Badminton regularly and fancy more of a challenge, then Dubai Stars® is just the place for you!
This year Dubai Stars® brings to you an exhilarating and competitive Badminton League bound to test your team work and sharp techniques.

When: 13th February to 22nd March, 2017
Days: Singles (Mondays) and Doubles (Wednesdays)
Where: Dubai Stars® Sportsplex®
Participation Fee: AED 750 per team


• Each team will be represented by a minimum of 4 players or a maximum of 5 players.
• 3 distinct players (1 for Singles and 2 for Doubles) shall represent the team every week.
• The team may switch participating members for the next set of fixtures.
• Participants must be over the age of 18.
• 16 teams divided into 4 groups
• Group Stage > Group Stage 2 > Semi Finals > Finals

Prize Money

• First place (Singles) = AED 1,500 + Trophy and Medals
• Second place (Singles) = AED 1,000 + Trophy and Medals
• First place (Doubles) = AED 3,000 + Trophy and Medals
• Second place (Doubles) = AED 2,000 + Trophy and Medals

Tournament Rules

• Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches being in the group stage. Both Group Stages 1 and 2 will be played in the Single Robin format.
• The standard structure of the matches played in the league will be 21-point games in a best-of-three sets game format.
• The team is required to assign a player for the day’s match before the start of the game and cannot change this decision throughout the duration of the game.
• The top two teams from every group with the maximum number of points will go ahead to the next stage.
• Game rules and regulations will be provided beforehand the match.